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Varsity Ramblers running through the Alumni
Season Highlights from HUDL
2013-2014 Varsity/JV Windber Ramblers Cheer
Your 2013-2014 Varsity/JV Windber Ramblers
Winito Athletics Demo Video
Community Pep Rally
Author: Patricia A. Adamczyk
A community Pep Rally will be held Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 7PM at Windber Stadium!  Everyone is Invited to Attend!
2014 Alumi Reunion/Centennial Kick-Off Celebration/Tail-Gate Party
Author: Patricia A. Adamcyk
ANNOUNCEMENT: Team/Player Stats
Author: Patricia A. Adamczyk,pa)/football/home.htm Click on the above link to view team/player Stats for our 2013-2014 Season
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Patricia Adamczyk just posted a photo
Patricia Adamczyk just posted a photo
Patricia Adamczyk just posted a photo
Patricia Adamczyk just posted a photo
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Katrina Jones 8/3/2013

"Great job Patty! Team work!!! "

  • Whalley's Charitable Trust
  • Windber Lettermen's Club
  • Hurdles Bar and Grill
  • Gray Medical Associates
  • Meek & Dalla Valle Funderal Home, Inc.
  • Patti's Restaurant
  • Mike "Chops" Lashinsky
  • Mimo's Pizza
  • Randy's BiLo
  • Rizzo's Restaurant
  • Rosebud Mining Co.
  • Screaming Needle Tattoo
  • Senior Football Parents
  • Shaffer Oil Company
  • Sheetz, Inc.
  • Sue Pipon
  • Windber American Legion, Post 137
  • Windber Moose Lodge 349
  • Windber Moose Riders
  • The Hintosh Family
  • Christine Spinos
  • Windber VFW, Post 4795
  • Windber Concrete Statuary - Robert Dusack, Owner
  • Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.
  • Bella's Pizzeria
  • Basic PSA, Inc. - William R. Louder, President
  • Conjelko's Ice Service
  • Johnstown Hydraulics
  • GL Guy Roofing - Greg Guy
  • H. & R. Block (Mike Cominsky, Manager)
  • Fluder's Builder Supply
  • Fruity Petals
  • Skeeter's Hair & Tanning Salon
  • Windber American Polish Falcons Education Association, Nest 97
  • Hollern & Koontz Insurance
  • Kyle & Gina Smith
  • Dick's Automotive Repair
  • Hilltop Office Supply - Matt & Stacy Maurizio, Owners
  • Slovenian Savings & Loan
  • St. Anthony of Padua Church
  • The Windber Hotel
  • D'Arc's Pizza
  • First National Bank - Windber Office
  • Absolute Remodeling, Mark Burkett Owner
  • Ted Crawford
  • Windber Beverage
  • API Technologies Corp.
  • The Town Tavern
  • Augie Spadone
  • Comp Shop USA - Chris Burkey
  • The Tokarsky Family
  • Dick's Automotive
  • Bob & Missy Zabrucky